Preview for MIRRORMASK

Here are keywords and themes to think about during the screening of Mirrormask:

  1. Keywords: outwardlookingness, place, the body. What does the swapping of the two Helenas suggest about the relationship between place, identity, and the body? How do the film makers show the differences between the two Helenas? In those same regards, what does it mean that characters who look like her mother and father are also in the world of the two kingdoms? What is the significance of the "Mirrormask" in relation to identity and the body?
  2. Keywords: place. How does the circus setting of the film help to set up the transition to the world of the two kingdoms?
  3. Keywords: space, place, trace. What kind of space is the world of the two kingdoms? Is it a dream? An imagined fantasy? Is it real or material? Is it a fantasy brought to life by Helena? What are the formal elements and traces you can cite in favor of one or more of these cases?